Carol Huebner-Venezia

Huebner-Venezia: Giovanni Bocciolini and Gianfranco Bronco, 1993
Huebner-Venezia: Army boxer, 2003
Huebner-Venezia: When things fall apart 4, 2008
Huebner-Venezia: When things fall apart 5, 2008
Huebner-Venezia: When things fall apart 10, 2008

Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl):

1989 "CUBE", Installation mit 512 Fotos, John Weber Gallery, New York (Katalog)
"Il Pugilato - The Boxers", Commune di Castel Ritaldi, Italien
"Luoghi Ritrati - Portraits of places", Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rom
"Sacra Conservazione - Sacred Conservation", Studio 87, Spoleto, Italien
"Warm Light - Coll Light", Galleria Bonomo, Bari, Italien
"Boxers: From Assisi to Brooklyn", String Gallery, Wells College, Aurora (NY)
"Shrine", Galerie Marilena Bonomo, Bari, Italien
"Hommage to Fellini", Assoziazione Culturale Bari, Castel di Bari, Italien
"Shrine", pARTs Photographic Arts, Minneapolis
"Cowboy", Galerie Heike Curtze, Wien
Gallery talk, Carl Aigner, Kunsthalle Krems
"Boxers", Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop
"Boxers", Galerie Heike Curtze, Berlin, Wien

Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl):

1976 "Aperture ´76", California State University, Chico
"Carol Huebner and Connie Evans", Rochester Institute of Technology
"Faculty Exhibition", Ben Shahn Gallery, William Paterson College, Wayne, NJ
"Open Photography Competition", Firehouse Gallery, Nassau Community College, NY
"Off the wall", Catskill Center of Photography (Katalog)
"Artifacts at the End of a Decade", Wanderausstellung, New York, London etc.
1987 "Iconologia della non figurazione", Palazzo Rossari Spada, Spoleto, Italien
1993 "In corso d´opera", Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italien
"Spolia", Galleria Communale d´Arte Moderna, Spoleto, Italien
"Una Rivoluzione Naturale", Symposium und Gruppeninstallation, Canelli, Italien
"Viaggatori sulla Flaminia - Luoghi del corpo & dello spirito", mehrere Orte, von Via Flaminia und Trevi bis Spoleto, Italien
"Felici Coincidenze", Arte & Maggio, Seconda rassegna d´arte contemporanea, Arena Puglia, Italien
2001 "Roger Mertin in Minnesota: A Memorial Retrospective", pARTs Photografic Arts, Minneapolis
2003 "Selections from Lewitt Collection", New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT
"Works from the Lewitt Collection, Real art Ways, Hartford, CT
"Island to Island: Inspired Portraits", Julia Margaret Foundation at Dimbola Lodge Museum, Isle of Wight

Sammlungen (Auswahl):

S.F. Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco (CA), Museum of Modern Art, New York,
Metropolitain Museum of Art, New York, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC,
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (MN), Swiss National Print Collection, Zürich,
Getty Museum, Santa Monica (CA), Victoria and Albert Museum, London


1976 "Aperture", Erster Preis, California State University, Chico (Kalifornien)
J. William Fulbright Faculty Research Awards, Foto- und Videodokumentation
UCROSS Foundation Residency, UCROSS, Wyoming, Projekt "Panoramic Color Photographs"
Selected artists, Turkish Cultural Center, Kulturaustausch mit anderen Künstlern, darunter Judy Pfaff und Robert Kushner

Carol Huebner Venezia

Carol Huebner Venezia was born in Minnesota in 1947 and now divides her time between New York and Umbria. She studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology and since 1990 has been teaching photography at Long Island University.Other works by the artist which are devoted to the subjects of grief and transience include "Homage to Fellini“ and "Shrine“. Her first work with video, a documentary film entitled "National Living Treasures: The Traditional Artisans of Italy“, was exhibited in 1994.

Boxing offers those working class men who learn the sport a slim chance of realizing the American dream. But the price for social standing and above-average income is often broken bones and chronic health problems. In contrast, in Assisi, in the center of the Italian boxing world, boxing is about athletic competition and the art of the sport. Boxers intersperses Carol Huebner Venezia's photographs from these two contrasting environments. In the U.S., her subject is Brooklyn's Gleason's Gym, the oldest and most famous boxing ring in the world, training ground for such literal heavyweights as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Jake La Motta and Mike Tyson. Venezia shows neither stars nor spectacular matches--her work captures the intense atmosphere of the gym, and the lives of these modern warriors, idealized, honored, and ultimately discarded.